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More on the Status-Quo

August 3, 2010

The July 27th piece on “The Frumious Status-Quo” posted on PURE inspired me to make a stab at a poetic response.  I apologize in advance to Mr. Carroll;  I hope I have not caused him too much rolling in his grave:

Beware the Status-Quo, my friend

It’s nigh a decade and we see,

The legacy bequeathed to us:

Yet more bureaucracy.

We bring in wise and learned sorts,

They have degrees in other fields,

Then we have them prepare reports,

And make shortsighted little deals.

Data driven madness,

The quest for A.Y.P.

Claim the place of knowledge,

And deeper inquiry.

Don’t focus on the arts,

Forget the history,

“Measure it in numbers,

Or it has no use to me!”

We emphasize in earnest

Our accountability,

(Prohibiting all thought of


It’s a numbers game we’re losing,

Though try indeed we might,

Urban stats keep slipping

While we’re fighting the wrong fight.

High-stakes tests and charter schools,

A messy, slippery slope:

Outside experts, corporate rules,

And ever-narrowed scope.

Maybe we should talk about

The children left behind

When we privatize and regulate

Instead of cherishing young minds.

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