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Liveblogging/Tweeting Education Nation!

September 23, 2010

A month and a half ago, I participated in a live chat with two of the authors of the LA Times’ controversial value-added assessment series.

Actually, let me rephrase that.

A month and a half ago, I watched as the questions I submitted to said authors were either ignored or selectively edited to reduce them to something easier for the authors to answer (with what seemed like shallow talking points). Naively, I thought they might be down for substantive dialogue and debate. Stupidly, I didn’t save my questions to resubmit another time (or at least post here). Fool me once…

Given the issues we’ve already seen with NBC’s Education Nation, Maria and I are coming prepared this time. We’ll be liveblogging & tweeting during the major events of the week, starting with Sunday’s Teacher Town Hall! We’ll be offering commentary as well as fact-checking, and backing up our submissions religiously.

I hope to be proven wrong, but given the rampant mythology propping up the Crisis Narrative (even when the facts all but slap you in the face– how many millions were handed out for merit pay today, barely two days after another rigorous study of merit pay showed it had no effect?!), I’m not holding my breath.

We’ll post NBC’s schedule along with our schedule soon– stay tuned!

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