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Talking Back: Teacher Town Hall

September 26, 2010

Another Update: Wow. That was a barrage of information. I actually maxed out the number of tweets I’m allowed within a certain time period (is that a real thing, or is THE MAN trying to silence me??). Still have tons to say– stick around! –Sabrina

UPDATE: Wow, it is so hard to keep up with all the media! Follow our convo on Twitter– we’ve given up on everything but that! We’re hashing #educationnation & #nbcfail.

Hey, all! So, because our microblogging capability on this site is limited, here’s how things will work. Most of our responses will be on Twitter. Their hashtag is #educationnation; we’ll use #NBCFail. If we need to say something in more than 140 characters, we’ll update here and then link on Twitter. Cheers!

–Sabrina & Maria

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