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Far Northeast Community Member: “Stop the Abuse!”

April 28, 2011

I recently received this message from a concerned community member in Far Northeast Denver, who grew outraged after reading this posting for prospective Denver teachers. She echoes a lot of the concerns I’ve heard since moving to Denver, from parents concerned about the number of inexperienced teachers in the district (I had to work VERY hard to win them over!) and the increasing number of un-licensed or alternatively-licensed teachers whose primary training is occurring on their children. This message was also sent to a number of local politicians.

Our children are our future. A quality education provided by quality and qualified educators in a quality system of education is imperative for children in the U.S. to compete in a global economy.

I am truly concerned that DPS central administrators, its board member majority, and its associated foundations are making decisions that currently place school children and communities in Montbello and Green Valley Ranch (for which buzz words “high-needs DPS schools” refer) in position for escalated failures.

Denver Public Schools is willing to make case studies of children in “urban, high needs DPS Schools” ( Montbello and Green Valley Ranch areas targeted for “turnaround” money). Is this fair to our children and/or our communities? Are not the children in Montbello and Green Valley Ranch more valuable than a “DPS-specific, 6-week summer training prior to teaching” or a Teach for America 5-week “boot camp” prior to teaching?

Non-licensed, graduates are being solicited and offered an ” alternative route into a teaching position”, with the intent to place these individuals in schools and classrooms – already compromised by years of poor decision-making and leadership – to replace many qualified, licensed, experienced, effective, “educators” who were reportedly fired without cause and/or due process.


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  1. April 28, 2011 10:41 pm

    The above article is well written and timely. The ploy to exterminate experienced and qualified educators is a ploy to destroy children and public schools. Above all, this ploy is premised off of illegal activities. Please read.

    Analysis: Substantive and Procedural Due Process Rights of Educators

    Effective School Development: Teacher Run Schools

    NYS Education Tenure Laws Are Under Attack!

    Breaking News: NYS Education Tenure Laws Shake Down! Educators Needed to Fight Back!

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