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Reasons #6 & #7 that I’m marching

May 7, 2011

I just shared a quick top 5 over at the Save Our Schools March Blog. But here are a couple more:

#6: Cutting Kids

The trend in education has been to build bigger accountability systems to monitor teachers and students through test scores while simultaneously cutting programs, services, and people. The result of this misappropriation of funding is that bureaucracies have more ways to complain about the problems they are NOT solving. It is a trap for educators and an unending bleeding of our children.

Angela Engel, author, educator, mother, and all-around powerhouse

#7: Deflection, Duplicity, and Straight-up Hypocrisy

Between our frenemies in Washington, self-proclaimed student advocates who say they’re “elevating the teaching profession” as they front a movement to strip teachers of our rights and professional autonomy, and those who revel in the distraction so they can evade responsibility for the mess we’re in right now, it’s enough to make a teacher want to scream sometimes!

If you’ve had enough, too, and want to start pushing for real and positive change in our schools and society, connect with us at the Save Our Schools March & National Call to Action!

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  1. May 7, 2011 1:57 pm

    Number six is a good argument. And when you call it “cutting kids” – seriously – who’s in favor of that?!

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