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Save Our Schools March

August 3, 2011

From the Smithsonian American History Museum.

I was going to call this piece a recap, but that really isn’t an accurate description.  I participated in the conference and the march and the grand consensus among most of us was that the Save Our Schools March is only a beginning. It must be only a beginning, fostering a well-organized national movement to literally save our schools.  I do not support the status quo; I support quality schools and equity of resources for all children.

I had planned well before the trip that I would not participate in the post-SOS March congress, in order to visit the Holocaust Museum. (A temporary exhibit on propaganda at the museum was eerily pertinent to the current rhetoric regarding public schools.)  Numerous supporters around the country will need some related debriefing about where, and how, we should concentrate our efforts if we are to address the very real problems with our educational system.  What happens next depends on our collective ability and willingness to unite and work diligently, even courageously, on behalf of public schools. I’m in. Are you up for it?

Here are some shots from Saturday:

Thanks so much to Matt Damon for coming out. Still, I really wish Diane Ravitch, as an educational celebrity, could get her props in place of bone-headed op-eds.

Arne Duncan celebrated Katrina's effect on New Orleans Schools. New Orleans parents know better and say "Do Not Replicate!"

My sign. My respect to the young people of New Orleans and across the country; I used the words "niños" and "kids" here because they resonate better for my message, and because I am an early childhood education teacher.

The facial expression reflects the depth of his comprehension of what's really going on in public schools, ¿qué no? But why bother with accuracy when you have silent donors with deep pockets ready to promote your film?

Bless, you Vicky from Idaho, for your generosity and your magic bag! However, I suggest we change the word "ask" to something stronger. Insist that Congress provide quality and equality.

Here lie Imagination, Joy, Creativity and much more of what we cherish.

May we raise our voices and join our efforts to both honor and revive the spirits of those who lie here.

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  1. August 3, 2011 10:57 am

    Are there any numbers on how many were able to turn out? I’d wanted so much to go, but couldn’t swing it. Thank you for the pictures and the update. I’d love to hear more.

  2. August 5, 2011 10:53 am

    I love your “Los niños míos, tuyos, nuestros” poster!

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