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Reclaiming Reform

February 3, 2012

After weeks of discussing, brainstorming and developing, we’re excited to bring you the next evolution of the Failing Schools Project, Reclaiming Reform. The new project will debut the week of Valentine’s Day (because we #LovePublicEd)!

We’re impressed and excited by all of the real reform activity that’s been built here, around the blogosphere and the social media world, and in the in-person world with conferences, marches, grade-ins and more. We’ve seen– and penned– searing indictments of what education reform isn’t. Now, we’d like to create a deliberate space to talk about what real reform is, and we need your help. There are living examples all over the country, and ideas still to be imagined.

Fill out the form below (or click here) if you’d like to be a part of building something together.

In solidarity & progress,
Sabrina, Maria & Mark

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